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Jennifer Suttmeier, Principal

Jennifer Suttmeier, MBA, is a proven healthcare marketer and business leader with rich experience.  Her career began in advertising and progressed to leadership roles in brand management, product launch, and channel strategy. 

Jennifer routinely gives back to the industry as mentor, coach, and adviser on work/life balance. 

She is a mother of two school-aged children, volunteer in the community, and recipient of multiple awards and recognition for her leadership and strategic innovation.

Marketing Expertise

Jennifer's diverse experience as a leader has included responsibilities in brand marketing, project management, and market access. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated growth and appetite for innovation, problem-solving, and development of colleagues.

Therapeutic areas of experience  include:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Dermatology 
  • Diabetes
  • Devices 
  • Hepatobiliary Imaging 
  • Nuclear Medicine

Work/Life Balance Solutions

Jennfer is a certified life coach focused on working parents. Her customized process of activities, discussions, and 4-pillar roadmap helps professionals balance their professional careers and home life. 


Marketing Consulting

 We provide solutions to  clients in the Life Sciences industry with a focus on innovation. Focus areas include agency/vendor management, brand value marketing, HCP marketing, payer marketing, project management, product launch, and strategic/tactical management.  

Work/Life Coaching

 For professionals challenged with balancing the demands of career and home life, our coaching solutions deliver personalized results. We help clients get more out of life through customized sessions and reflective activities. 

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