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Work/Life Coaching


Work/life balance is a challenge for many, especially while raising children. With the right tools and motivation, it is possible to live a life of purpose, ambition, reduced stress, and focus. Organizations can benefit from increased productivity, retention, employee satisfaction, and corporate image.


As a certified life coach and experienced corporate leader, I have hands-on experience in raising children while leading a meaningful career. 

My blog has provided guidance and inspiration to countless women and my first book is being planned for release in 2019.


While working with organizations, we will work together to identify the ideal candidates for coaching. Unlike executive coaching or consulting, my approach is tailored specifically for working parents. 

  • Women of child-bearing age
  • Expectant mothers
  • New mothers and/or fathers
  • Parents of school-aged children

We also provide support beyond individual coaching to your employees through webinars, sessions, or newsletters on select work/life topics.

How it Works

I believe that each client is unique, so I customize each session to help them meet their needs.

Each client's journey follows a 4-pillar roadmap  of dreaming, goal setting, brainstorming, and follow-up. I also include fun and reflective activities to help clients stay engaged and motivated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is life coaching?


Life coaching is a practice that involves assisting people to identify and realize their goals, dreams and aspirations by making them more self-aware and by developing their hidden and manifest talents and potential.

What is the cost?

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